Thursday, April 14, 2005


All you have to do is sign up using FREE PSP LINK and complete one offer. Then register your information by clicking on the comments list below. Provide your name, e-mail address and referral ID number. Once verified you'll be added to the database, and before long, you'll earn the five referrals you need to win your Playstation Portable. That's right, it only takes five.

This is a Hybrid Conga, meaning that every other referral the site generates will be assigned to the person at the top of the list. Every referral in between will be assigned at random to another user on the list. This way, you don't have to wait to get to the top of the list to begin receiving referrals. I will check the site multiple times a day for new users. If you have questions feel free to post your comments.

Just remember to use the FREE PSP LINK to complete your order. That's the only way to be sure that future referrals will be assigned to you. Good luck!